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Thread: cannot shutdown server

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    Default cannot shutdown server

    hello, I'm trying to shutdown the wowza server with, no error came out but the server does not shutdown no matter how many time I try can you help please
    note: before I was able to shutdown the server with

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    Hi, can you verify that Server.xml exists? It should be at [install-dir]/conf/Server.xml
    Make sure it has not been moved or renamed.

    Also, make sure Server.xml contains the <CommandInterface> node at the top of the file:
    Lastly, when you attempt to shut down the server, do you see this line at the bottom of the console window:
    INFO server comment - CommandInterfaceCommandShutdownServer.invoke: Shutting down server.
    INFO vhost vhost-stop _defaultVHost_ -
    INFO server server-stop - -

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