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Thread: Question on Wowza Trail

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    Default Question on Wowza Trail

    I have been set up wowza trail, as far working , .

    I am litter confuse on this term:



    I have a multicast in wich bitrate is 6000mbps I will like to lowr this bitrate to 700kb

    udp:// ----> to udp://
    <<6,000mbps>> <<700kb>>

    How i can do this with wowza? does this is transcode our encode??

    Do i need addon Transcode Lic?

    if I have Wowza Trail can I addon transcode Lic?

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    Hi there, your Wowza trial license includes a Transcoder license, the transcoded stream will include audio and video watermark when using the trial license.

    Transcoding will convert a stream from one audio/video codec to another. For example, a video codec of MPEG-2 can be converted to H.264 video, and an audio codec of MPEG-1 Layer 3 can be converted to AAC audio.

    Transrate means to take a stream at a high bitrate and re-encode it to a lower bitrate, also can be used to create a multi-bitrate set for adaptive bitrate streaming.

    Take a look at the Wowza Transcoder AddOn overview for a brief explanation and links to more detailed topics:
    AddOn: Wowza Transcoder


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