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Thread: Stream on-dminand video whit multiple-bitrate through Wowza Media server Or FMS4.5

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    Default Stream on-dminand video whit multiple-bitrate through Wowza Media server Or FMS4.5

    I want to stream on-dimand videos in my archive. I like each viewer with different bandwidth to play my videos.

    For this case I should stream videos in multiple-bitrate, So I searched in Flash Media Server and found (hds-vod), but in hds-vod I should create one file for every bitrate, if I have 2000 videos in my archive with HD quality(1024 bitrate) I should make all of them in other bitrates.

    So to have 2000 videos in five bitrates (760k , 320k , 145k , 64k), I should have 10,000 videos meaning that I have to create 10,000 video files...!!! I haven't free space in my server for 10,000 video files.

    please advise me to stream this videos in multiple-bitrate without creating video files in each bitrate in Wowza or FMS.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is not an easy way to do this. You will need to create a file for each bitrate.
    You can set up a web server or external hard drive to store the content and use MediaCache to access it from there:
    How to get MediaCache AddOn (scale video on demand streaming)

    You can create each file with a different bitrate by following this guide:
    How to encode video on demand content


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    Dear Sir,

    You can use any server to host your videos in multiple bit rates format, there is many wowza partners that do that service and use your wowza to distribute them through MediaCache AddOn.

    i can help you do the required as i am already familiar with your request.

    if you like you can contact me via personal email.


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