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Thread: Limit user to watch video only in a certain time window

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    Default Limit user to watch video only in a certain time window

    I want my viewers to watch the stream within a certain specified time range.

    e.g. user1 --> 1800-1900 HRS

    user2 --> 1900 - 2000 HRS

    user3 --> 1900 - 2100 HRS

    user4 --> 1930 - 2200 HRS

    user1 should only be allowed to view the video from 1800-1900 HRS. There should be a timer with the specified interval and when its triggered, its should shut down the client and also remove the username / password entry from MySQL database or deactivate it by setting some flag false in another column in the MySQL database. Users will provide logins details on login which will be checked with MySQL database.

    How do i implement the timers in wowza? Do i need to set this up in Task Scheduler or cron jobs or wowza?

    If the timer is triggered, how do i communicate with wowza from the block of code which is going to be executed on timer trigger?

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    This is quite specific and although you could possibly solve this client side and with web services, the best is to integrate this with Wowza by means of a custom module and combine it with JavaScript and web services. I can write the complete implementation for you, let me know if you're interested (contact me on Skype: karelboek or by email:

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