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Thread: What different betwwen WOWZA 2.2.4 and WOWZA 3.6.3

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    Default What different betwwen WOWZA 2.2.4 and WOWZA 3.6.3

    This is Ji Min Woo at CIS from South Korea.
    We are Streaming Service with your WOWZA 2.2.4.
    The file we Service are;

    - Video Codec : H.264 , Audio Codec : AAC

    - Video Bitrate : 800Kbps, Audio Bitrate : 96Kbps

    - Container : MP4

    - File size : 3Gb(Duration 8Hour 30Min), 6Gb(Duration 15Hour 30Min)

    - Network Area : 1G

    - Client Player : JWPlayer

    - Stream Machine : Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bit

    4CORE, 4CPU (Memory 16Gb)

    And there are the issues;

    - Work on WOWZA 2.2.X, WOWZA 3.6.X if the file size is 3Gb.

    - When streaming several 6Gb File on WOWZA 2.2.4, try Play Position Jump Video/Audio Synch doesn’t fit on Client Player.

    - There are the Files like this 10% out of 6Gb.

    - However everything are fine on WOWZA 3.6.X version(able to Streaming, Jump Play on Client Player)


    - What are the differences between WOWZA 2.2.X and 3.6.X?

    => need explanation on Video/Audio Synch side.

    - When the File Size is bigger than 4Gb is there a problem to work Streaming on WOWZA 2.2.4?

    - Does WOWZA have constrained for File Size?

    - Those issues above, what WOWZA can expect for other problem?

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    There have been many features and fixes added to Wowza between version 2.2.4 and 3.6.3.
    All the updates can be viewed in the Wowza release notes

    I recommend upgrading your servers to the latest version to make use of these features and fixes and I'm glad to hear that you do not have this issue in version 3.6.3.
    Obviously this has been fixed at some point since version 2.2.4 was released but I don't know which update this was in.


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    Hi JiMinWoo,

    I have collect the features of Wowza 3.6.4 because I have plan to upgrade it.
    Below are the feature and some descript

    Hope it help!


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