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Thread: advice on how to create a stream programmatically

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    Default advice on how to create a stream programmatically


    I am trying to create:
    - a live stream, which will play 24/7, available to viewers
    - a dynamic controller, through which a human will be able to change real-time the content being shown in the above live stream by specifying other live streams or static video content.

    So, onAppStart, I create a Stream object
    Stream theStream = Stream.createInstance(vhost, appInstance.getApplication().getName(), "someName");

    Then, I use"theDesiredContent", -2, -1, true);
    theStream.addToPlaylist("theDesiredContent", technicalDifficultiesMovie, 0, -1);
    to dynamically insert the content I want (where the technicalDifficultiesMovie is a fall-back in case of issues)

    Is this a good approach?

    How can I control aspects of the stream, especially buffer time? (Can I convert it to an IMediaStream somehow?)


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    Take a look at this example for reference


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