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Thread: How improve sound quality?

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    Default How improve sound quality?

    Is there any limitations in flash/Wowza of how many streams of sound a user can listen to at simoulaniously or will the streams be "added" so that a user hears all sources simoulaniously?

    When I do a simple communication test between two users I notice that when one users speaks the sound travels to the other users loudspeaker then into the other users mic back to the first user producing an echo. If both users combination of loudspeaker/mic produces an echo the sound will travel back and forth between the users acting decrementaly on total sound quality experience.

    What options to get rid of the echo and improve sound quality?

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    I'm afraid in this case the only solution would be to advise your users to keep their microphone away from their speakers and when possible use a headphones or earphones which will keep the conversation clear (without any echoing).


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    Pushing a button when one wishes to speak solves most of the problem. There is also an "imporoved microphone" in flash with supposed echo reduction.

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