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Thread: Trouble with flash capture for MPEG-DASH player

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    Default Trouble with flash capture for MPEG-DASH player

    We are working on a proof of concept and figuring out the trade offs on the various playback options for live streaming. We have an AWS EC2 instance with Wowza 3 created the Marketplace image and using a developer key.

    We have an application configured that is based on the live samples and enabled MPEG-DASH as per instructions.

    When we live stream to Wowza from the iOS Gocoder app, we can play what is distributed by the Wowza server with Flash RTMP, Flash HTTP and MPEG-DASH.

    For our demo to our client we would like to use as a source of a browser based flash app that connects to an attached video camera and publishes to our developer Wowza server and be able to demonstrate to playing to the three players.

    We were able to create the flash app based upon the sample chat app and it is publishing successfully. We can play the stream from Flash RTMP and Flash HTTP, but we are unable to play it with the MPEG-DASH player.

    When we look at the wowzamediaserver_access.log file we see there is a difference in the codecs being used to publish the stream.

    from gocoder the log says
    LiveStreamPacketizerSanJose.handlePacket[live/_definst_/livestream]: Video codec: H264
    LiveStreamPacketizerSanJose.handlePacket[live/_definst_/livestream]: Audio codec: AAC

    from the flash app the log says
    LiveStreamPacketizerPacketHandler.handlePacket[live/_definst_/livestream]: Video codec:SPARK isCompatible:false -
    LiveStreamPacketizerPacketHandler.handlePacket[live/_definst_/livestream]: Audio codec:NELLYMOSER isCompatible:false

    Our questions:
    Is there anyway to configure or make a change in calls so that the MPEG-DASH player will play what the Wowza server is distributing?

    Is there a configuration change we need to make to the Wowza server?

    Is there a change we need to make to our Flash capture app so that it will publish in such a way that it will play in all three players?

    Do you have any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
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    To use Flash as a live encoder for this purpose you will have to publish h.264 video and Speex audio, then transcode the Speex to AAC. You can use the Wowza Transcoder for this using the audio only pricing.

    There is guidance on modifying the Flash application to publish h.264 and Speex and using the Transcoder with audio only settings in this article.


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    Hi Richard, Thanks for replying and the input.
    We made the changes described in the article except running standalone, because we are on the EC2 instance, but now none of our players are working. Teh link below is the access.log which seems to indicate the transcoder is in effect and H264 is the stream perhaps being received. Do you see anything that would indicate why none of the players are not working and not just the MPEG-DASH?

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    The DASH streaming and player is still very much an early access feature of Wowza Media Server.

    Viewing those files provided requires an authorized Google account.

    We suggest you send details of conf and logs to support.
    Please zip-up conf and logs folders from the Wowza install directory
    and send to and put the link to this forum thread in your email.
    If the zip proves too large to send please provide via a shared, but more open, link.


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    Oops, it was late and I see I didn't really tell you the results. I made the changes I believe following the directions accordingly, but now none of the three streams of interest (Flash RTMP, Flash HTTP or MPEG-DASH) are working.

    I was wondering if it is possible to also transcode the video that was working, but looking at the docs on the transcoder, it looks like that may not be possilble, since I would be needing to take SPARK and convert it to H.264 and it looks like the the transcoder only takes H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2 as incoming streams. Am I correct?

    If so is there a way to forward you my config and logs, or whatever it is you would need, that you could take a look at what I'm doing wrong for the method you last pointed me to?


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