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Thread: Where to put trial license in EC2 instance?

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    Default Where to put trial license in EC2 instance?

    I'm following the instructions in the EC2 Quick Start guide so I'll have a live video source with which to teach a Roku programming class on Wednesday (working great, by the way, thanks).

    I've requested and received a trial license, which I intend to play with after the class, ultimately doing daily livestreams from time to time.

    Problem is, I don't see where to put in the license key. What I got in the e-mail is a one-line string: "SVRT3-XXXXX-XXXX-etc." The instructions for EC2 say the license file is at /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/conf/Server.license, but when I cat that file (in the AMI that I launched as an EC2 instance), it looks like this:

    -----BEGIN LICENSE-----
    (and then another five lines of this)
    -----END LICENSE-----

    Just copying the one-line license into a file and replacing Server.license doesn't work (restarting the Wowza server failed with errors). I haven't tried replacing that first line ("SVRC3-..."), because I figured the existing value was likely tied into the rest of the file somehow.

    So anyways, probably a stupid question, but if anyone could tell me what I'm supposed to do with this license key on EC2 with one of the canned AMIs, I'd appreciate it.

    --Chris (invalidname)

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    Hi. Try replacing everything in the Serve.license with the content from the new license. Restart Wowza afterwards.


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