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Thread: RequestFilter, *, and absolute paths

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    Default RequestFilter, *, and absolute paths

    It is possible to specify an absolute path - without any * - in <RequestFilters> for an HTTPProvider?

    I've tried things like:

    but that seems to yield warnings:

       WARN: HTTProvider2Base.QuickFilter: Cannot handle this filter: /foo/bar
    Adding in a * to the RequestFilter seems to solve the issue, but I'm curious if it's possible to perform an exact match in the filter.


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    Can you please explain what it is you are trying to do? And why you need to use those characters?


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    Lets say that I have an application that has multiple things to be exposed as HTTProviders. Each thing falls under a different path;


    One way would be to create a single "dispatcher" provider, with RequestFilters of foo/*. The filter would match the common root, and the provider would dispatch the correct thing based on the url path. This seems to work fine.

    The alternative would be to have one provider per url, and use the RequestFilters instead of explicitly dispatching with helper code. I wasn't able to get this working, as RequestFilters seemed to want a *.

    Not a big deal, just curious if I'm doing something horribly wrong


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