I have a scenario where I would like Wowza to provide VOD access to video located in an external object file system.

The key here is that the video files location will not be in <wowza>/content directory, in fact each video could be on different mounts in the a file system (without a common root folder). The file system where the physical files are located can additional abstracted a reference to each file to a unique numeric ID.

Assuming one of the likely thousands of media files was location at the following path on the Wowza Server /mnt/nas23/media/projects/alpha/experiment-12.mp4 my options are:

  • Option 1 - Present the URL to the consumer with the full path to the file which may be from the root of the host machine (i.e. mp4:/mnt/nas23/media/projects/alpha/experiment-12.mp4).
  • Option 2 - Develop a plugin that would allow to provide the numerical ID of the content file (mp4:12345) which the plugin Java code could then convert to /mnt/nas23/media/projects/alpha/experiment-12.mp4 internally.

So my questions are:

  • If I went with Option 1 how do I tell Wowza to assume the path to the file is from the machines root and not some local content or application folder ?
  • If I went with Option 2 (my preference) what are the relevant API interfaces for me to interpret and remap the path to the file from 12345 to /mnt/nas23/media/projects/alpha/experiment-12.mp4

Any advice would be gratefully received.