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Thread: HDS problem (choppy)

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    Default HDS problem (choppy)


    Recently I've changed the player to use HDS link instead of RTMP, and some channels very choppy. I'm using strobeplayer for playback.

    I have 2 sample link for debug.

    RTMP (this stream playing ok): rtmp://
    HDS (choppy):

    I'm using vlc/ffmpeg to transcode the stream to 500Kbps.

    Please help.


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    Choppy playback is usually a symptom of stream bitrate greater than client bandwidth, i.e., throughput from Wowza to that client. But it can have other causes. Inadequate bandwidth at the encoder location can also result in poor playback, but that would be noticeable for all client. If only some clients are experiencing poor playback, it is more likely congestion at the server or inadequate client bandwidth.


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    I don't think the problem is about bandwidth, because the RTMP link just run very well.

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    Start Wowza in stand-alone mode(install-dir]/bin/startup.bat), and start the HDS stream.

    Look for the lines comments like this, there should be 10 of them:
    INFO server comment - LiveStreamPacketizerSanJose.endChunkTS[live/_definst_/Stream1]: Add chunk: id:1 a/v/k:529/271/3 duration:11250

    There may be odd key frame frequency, if these are all over the place, you can adjust following this guide:
    How to configure Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming packetization (sanjosestreaming)

    If you would like you can post the output from the console here so we can view the LiveStreamPacketizerSanJose.endChunkTS comments.


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