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Thread: Recording Issue with version 3.6.4

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    Default Recording Issue with version 3.6.4


    It seems that the latest version of Wowza introduced a rather critical bug with the recording of streams.

    The issue is the following: when i record a live feed from the web cam for let's say 5 seconds, it works fine for the first time and the recording is saved as a .flv file in the content folder as normally.
    When i make a second recording without reloading my app, the video is recorded, but the resulting file is broken in the sense that: the recording is made, but the duration of the recording is wrong. For example: if the second recording that i make (without restarting my app) has 5 seconds, the final recording duration will have somewhere around 45 seconds (with the actual recording of the 5 seconds being at the start of the recording). This seems to grow exponentially, as if i make a third recording the duration will be around 7 minutes, and so on. Starting with the third recording the video is no longer playable (in my app or any other video player - VLC for example), only the first frame is shown and the wrong duration.

    This did not happen with previous versions of Wowza.

    Worth mentioning that this happens regardless of the video codec used (H.264 or Sorenson) and regardless of the audio codec (speex or nelly moser ASAO).

    Also the app I am using is developed in ActionScript 3.0.

    Any ideas what could cause this?
    Thanks in advance.
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    You should restart Wowza and reproduce the issue by initiating a couple subsequent recordings and zip up your [install-dir]/conf and [install-dir]/logs and send them (along with reference to this post) to

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