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Thread: Display error in stream if input signal is lost

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    Default Display error in stream if input signal is lost


    I am running a Wowza server in my network as kind of a proxy from all sorts of IP cameras and I am using the Push Publishing AddOn to create multicast streams in my network that I use for transcoding on my Elemental / Digital Rapids enterprise encoders to produce live streams.
    But sometime the IP cameras are unstable or the network connection they are on. And that disrupts the Live Stream and everything has to be reset.

    Is there any way that I can insert either a picture or a video-stream in my Wowza so that the output stream is constant - and if the signal is lost from the Camera Wowza will inject my "Signal Loss" message in the stream?

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    You might try our loop-until-live module that could work as long as it unpublished during this occurrence.

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    Very interesting - what I can read from the documentation it should meet my needs

    I will dedicate some time during the weekend for testing - thanks so far.

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