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Thread: Cuepoints on live playlist

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    Default Cuepoints on live playlist


    I have a vod file (30 seconds) which I play in continous loop as live stream. using smil file.
    I have inserted cuepoint using flvtool2 at 10 seconds in the vod file before i play it as live.

    when I start the playlist as live, I recieve the first cuepoint on 10 seconds (on client), however when the video repeats second time, I don't receive the cuepoint again on 10th second(i.e. 40 seconds after the start of stream).

    What setting should I do to keep getting the cuepoint every 10th second the video plays ? should i change the way i insert cuepoint.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    This should work as you describe.
    It's best if we get a copy of your file.
    Please open a ticket by sending email to and attach, or if too big then link to the file.
    We'll need to know the name and structure of the cuepoint.
    Also tell us how you insert the cuepoint. Do you use Wowza's method, or a 3rd party way, such as captionate or similar?
    Please reference this thread URL in your email to Wowza support.


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