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Thread: Issue in creating mp4 file in wowza server

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    Question Issue in creating mp4 file in wowza server

    Hello All,

    we are developing a live streaming application.In this application we require upstreaming and downstreaming of the video. In this we want to upstream video and downstream video on android phone. we searched alot and finally we found wowza configure this server we refer the following url:

    We get code from following url:-

    We are successfully able to upsteam video on wowza server. In result we get file with (.flv) extension . Now we want to downstream video on android phone. But we are not able to play .flv file, We can easily play video file with .mp4 extension . We need to downstream .flv file from RTMP url. Following is URL

    OUTPUT:- test.flv
    Format:- flv

    What i tried to get .mp4 file

    OUTPUT:- crash
    Format:- mp4

    One more thing i.e I treid

    OUTPUT:- Two files named(test.mp4, test.mp4.tmp)
    Format:- flv

    There are two thing that we can do, for both i googled alot but all in vain.
    1) First thing Save video file on wowza server with .mp4 extension.
    2) Second we would know how to live stream video with .flv extension on android devices.

    PLease help us


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    If you add "mp4:" prefix to stream name in the encoder (or StreamManager in the case of MediaCaster streams), then Wowza records to mp4 container.

    Stream name "mp4:test" will record to test.mp4

    .flv is not supported in this case. If the .flv contains h.264 and aac or mp3 audio you can transcode with ffmpeg like this:
    ffmpeg -i infile.flv -acodec copy -vcodec copy outfile.mp4
    Take a look at this article also:
    How to encode video on demand content

    If the .flv contains h.264 video and aac or mp3 audio, it might work in some cases by adding mp4: prefix to the stream or file name, in the playback URL.


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