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Thread: re-stream from a akamai f4m file

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    Default re-stream from a akamai f4m file


    I need to re-stream a live video that is published on akamai CDN. I have a way to generate the URL of the f4m file, but have not found how to instruct Wowza server to re-stream it. All I could find is the I have to create a .stream file with RTMP or RTSP URL of the stream.


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    Hi there, take a look at this article for configuring an application and re-streaming the live stream from a CDN:
    How to re-stream an unprotected stream from Adobe Media Server or a CDN


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    Hi Salvador,

    I looked at that post, but for the source stream it says there:
    >>"1.Use a text editor to create the file [install-dir]/content/ and set the contents of this file to the full RTMP URL of the stream that you want to re-stream (for example:
    >> rtmp:// The file must have a .stream filename extension."

    Problem is I do not have the stream's URL, only its f4m URL.

    Any idea?

    Thanks, Eyal.

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    You can access the video files on the CDN over HTTP using the MediaCache AddOn:
    How to get MediaCache AddOn (scale video on demand streaming)


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    The source video in my case is live - not stored files. So as far as I understand MediaCache will not help. Is there any simple way to direct Wowza to re-stream from the f4m file?

    Thanks, Eyal.

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    Eyal, Sorry for the confusion. I was thrown off by the .f4m reference, and MediaCache was not the right suggestion on my part.
    But the first article I posted is what you need to use:
    How to re-stream an unprotected stream from Adobe Media Server or a CDN

    If you are unable to get this working, you can post the details of your set up for us to look over:
    What you have tried
    What are the contents of the .stream file
    What is the URL to the source
    Application configuration


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    My problem is that I do not know the URL to the source. All I have is a f4m file which I do not know how to extract the source's URL from. Attached is the f4m file.
    If you can help me figure out how to extract the URL from it, I will be very grateful.
    Thanks, Eyal.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <manifest xmlns="" xmlns:akamai="">
    <pv-2.0>;hdntl=exp=1389715459~acl=%2fz%2fdclive_*~data=hdntl~hmac=690f7aa817972d53e00c931206e3a6107a0736 f0a261c96744a29cf4322b7a73</pv-2.0>
    <bootstrapInfo profile="named" id="bootstrap_1" url="1_285328ce63f2a145-p.bootstrap"/>
    <media bitrate="164" url="1_285328ce63f2a145-p_" bootstrapInfoId="bootstrap_1">

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    You can restream over RTMP from FMS.
    However what your showing looks to be the manifest of a "smooth" stream that is played in Silverlight player. Smooth stream ingress is not supported.
    I do not think there is a way to do this with Wowza.


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    I checked with the stream creator, and he sais he generate it with Flash Media Encoder - so it is surely not SilverLight. Anyway to "feed" Wowza with this F4M source?

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    What you show above is a Silverlight smooth stream manifest that appears to be coming from Akamai. Wowza does not support ingress of smooth streams, or any stream over HTTP (except shoutcast).

    You can re-stream RTMP from Akamai if the stream is unprotected. If the source of the above manifest is something like http://[akamai-address]/appname/myStream/Manifest, try playing it back in RTMP Wowza player:

    Server: rtmp://[akamai-addddress:1935/appname
    Streamname: myStream

    If RTMP playback works, then you can try to re-stream it following this guide

    If it is protected, re-streaming following that guide will not work. In that case, you cannot use that source.


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