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Thread: Startup Package for EC2 - cannot be found

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    Default Startup Package for EC2 - cannot be found

    I've been trying to setup an Amazon AMI from the Wowza Prebuilt AMI list, using a custom startup package, as described in the Wowza guide for EC2, and can't seem to figure out what's going wrong.

    I download a sample live startup package from Wowza, and modified it with my license key and configuration required. I made sure to use Google Chrome browser, instead of Safari, as mentioned in the guide. I just can't get past this point to deploy this system with the startup package.

    According to the system log (accessed thru the AWS console for the EC2 instance), it mentions the following at the end of the log - Wowza Media Server 3 for Amazon EC2: Install
    userdata-destination: /opt/working/
    userdata-isbase64: false
    unzip: /opt/working/
    result: /opt/working
    Installer.install: startup.xml file cannot be found at root of startup package. Check to be sure your startup package is properly zipped. It could contain too deep a directory structure.

    Any suggestions? This doesn't appear to be a complex process (although knowing the browser to use wasn't intuitive), but it consistently fails each time I attempt to deploy an instance.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    This is possibly related to the way the startup package was zipped.
    Mac zip has been problematic in the past, look for an alternative.
    Take a quick look at this related post.


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    Thanks Daren! That was it.

    Just like the note about the browser to use, there should be a note regarding this bug in the documentation.


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