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Thread: MediaCache , I wan to clear a specific media cache.

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    Default MediaCache , I wan to clear a specific media cache.


    I am using MediaCache plugin to serve VOD service.
    To purge, now, I am using the
    However, the problem is that the cached file is alive until the MediaCache.gc() is executed.
    Thus, between purging and the MediaCache.gc() execution, the new connection can still use old cached file.
    As for the Sanjose streaming, the session.rejectSession() could not destroy the stream immediately, so the gc is executed very late.

    What I want to do is deleting the old cache when I command server to purge.
    MediaCache.clearAll() works like what I want except the number of the files.
    I want a API like
    I also tried gc() but it doesn't work.
    --> especially, Sanjose streaming, because the rejectSession() can't destroy the stream immediately.
    In addition, I reverse engineered MediaCache and tried to do clear() for a specific media file.
    I, however, can't remove the item of the HashMap.

    Do you have any suggestion ?
    If so, Please let me know.
    Take care.


    Why MediaCache API document does not have any description?
    Can I get the API docs with description?

    I think If I can find out how to disconnect the Sanjose streaming completely, gc() can work weill.
    If you know how to do, please let me know.
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