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Thread: Multiple inputs and multiple outputs

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    Default Multiple inputs and multiple outputs

    I want to stream from FMLE multiple inputs, for example three different bit rates and frame sizes.
    I also want that one of the stream will be transcoded to additional two renditions, while all three input stream will use passthru for the video and transcode the audio to AAC.
    Eventually, I want all the five streams (3 inputs and 2 outputs) to be accesses using single multiple bitrate manifest as single ngrp.

    Is that doable?


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    As long as all the renditions are keyframe aligned, you can arrange them in a .smil file and it should work. But the ngrp MediaList won't work across transcode sessions.


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    Thank you.

    In order to transcode only one of the input streams, how can I control what stream will be transcoded and what stream won't?
    Or, alternatively, how can I programmatically set a different transcoding template for each input stream?
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    This API will allow you to choose which streams get transcoded:
    How to control which streams get transcoded using server-side API

    You can also match template names with stream names, and remove the specific template name (i.e.transrate.xml, transcode.xml) from Application.xml file.
    if you only have a template named myStream.xml you will only transcode streams named myStream. if you also have a template named yourStream.xml, streams named "myStream" and "yourStream" will be transcoded using those templates, and other streams will not be transcoded.


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