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    I am trying to wrap my head around Wowza capabilities. I am working on a prototype or on demand audio-only streaming and I am not decided yet on the protocol (be it HLS, HDS and/or RTMP, encrypted or not). From what I saw they all support adaptive bitrate streaming but you need to provide the different bitrate medias upfront + the SMIL file. Or use the transcoder addon. Unfortunately all the example I found for transrate.xml shows video birate adapting and not audio only. Is that possible?


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    For adaptive bitrate switching to work, all the various bitrate renditions need to be keyframe aligned, some encoders offer a multi-bitrate encoding option, but the Wowza Transcoder AddOn is the most accurate way to create the ABR set.

    For this reason ABR for true audio only is not possible as there are no keyframes in an audio only stream. However, you can transrate the audio, and use PassThru for the video and ABR should work. You will need to have a video track included.
    It can be very low bitrate and empty and be set to PassThru, but it needs to be included for ABR to work. Audio only ABR is not supported.


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