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Thread: Using Wowza on instance type C3-xlarge

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    Default Using Wowza on instance type C3-xlarge

    Hi, is it possible to use Wowza on instance types which are not listed on the page titled "PRE-BUILT AMIS" in the Wowza documentation site? I want to try the C3-xlarge which seems to hit a Wowza sweet spot (4 relatively quick CPUs, 7.5Gb RAM, 2x40Gb SSD drives), but it's not on the list. Currently I am using M1-xlarge which is slightly more expensive, has 4 slower CPUs and has 4 steam-powered 420GB hard disks. As we back all our video files off to S3 straightaway, we don't need the volume of local storage space we have at present.

    Thanks, Mike

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    You should be able to install a standard version of Wowza on there and run it.

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    You cannot use the 1-click installer, since the instance type you're looking for is not on the list.

    It is possible however to launch a new instance, and then install Wowza yourself. I have done it a couple of times with the c3-xlarge.

    Simply launch a new instance (Amazon Linux AMI 2013.09.2) with it's standard settings*, then download the RPM installer and transfer it to you'r fresh instance. Then install it.

    *You might want to adjust parameters like storage size and security group.

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    Are there any plans to support additional or different/new instance types as PRE-BUILT AMIS?

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