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Thread: Change stream type for RTPSession

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    I have a need to set stream types for incoming streams after I've done username/password auth with a class that extends AuthenticateUsernamePasswordProviderBase

    By default, I need my application to record, so I'm using the stream type "live-record". After authentication, I have values on the client or RTPSession properties I need to use to determine if I don't want to record

    For RTMP clients, I'm able to take care of this in the onConnectAccept handler, by setting client.setStreamType("live"). I can't seem to find the right place to do this for RTPSessions, as in the onRTPSessionCreate() handler, the RTPStream for the session is still null, so I can't invoke setStreamType on it.

    Where can I change the stream type for an RTP stream before the underlying IMediaStream is created?


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    I knocked this around and could not get RTSP stream to do that in IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onPublish (which runs for MediaCaster too) or the MediaCaster notifier. I changed StreamType to "live-record" and MediaCaster type to "rtp-live", but evidently it is too late for that to work.

    What I would do is use Live Stream Record API in IMediaStreamActionNotify3.onPublish() for both RTMP and MediaCaster sources.


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