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Thread: Build FlashHTTPPlayer example using command-line Flex compiler?

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    Default Build FlashHTTPPlayer example using command-line Flex compiler?

    How can I build the FlashHTTPPlayer example using command-line Flex?
    The example path: [Installed Path]\Wowza Media Server 3.6.4\examples\VideoOnDemandStreaming\FlashHTTPPlayer

    I already installed the Flex SDK 4.6 and ran the following:
    mxmlc -load-config+=flashHttpStreaming-config.xml -output .\bin\VOD.swf .\src\flashHttpStreaming.mxml
    The following is the content of flashHttpStreaming-config.xml:

    The resulting VOD.swf did not work on player.html. I must have missing elements in the src\assets directory.

    Can anyone help me?

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