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Thread: RTSP for slow framerate video

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    Default RTSP for slow framerate video

    Hi everybody,

    Iím hoping someone can help with an RTSP stream issue Iím having. Iím serving up low frame rate (1 per second) video from a .smil playlist. The video on demand is working fine, but the stream of the same video files is slow to start and takes a long time to warm up (donít know how else to describe it). Initially the stream appears as garbled, then after about 10 seconds appears normal. After that, the stream, for the first minute or so, has lots of pauses.

    Here is the stream

    Here is the video on demand

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    The information to stream and play the vod file is readily available at the beginning of the file, so smooth playback is possible.
    With a live stream, it's different in that the stream itself is analysed as playback gets going, and how well that goes depends
    on how quickly the information is made available. With a low frame rate such as this, it may take a while before playback commences
    properly. Flash player needs several frames before it really knows what to do. Ensure that you also have a low video keyframe interval,
    say a keyfrane every 2 seconds. In this case it would be a keyframe every 2 frames.


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