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Thread: Video player and says unable to play video

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    Default Video player and says unable to play video


    I just encountered another problem. Please see the below two links for mp3 files:

    1. rtsp://
    2. rtsp://

    The above links are working fine on some Android devices but on some Android devices, it shows "Unable to play video". Could you please let me know why it shows this message on some devices?

    If I download the file in same device and then run, then it works fine on that device, but not running from streaming server. Thanks

    Aqeel Ashraf

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    Hi Ashraf.

    Assuming you have configured your Application.xml/<StorageDir> path to point to "/videos" and you are using a sub-directory called "preview" inside "videos", you should try a URL like this:

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    Also I see you have capitalized MP3:40_506.MP3 in the second URL. I dont think this should be a problem, but you may try using lowercase. The first stream worked for me in VLC. Check to make sure you have the file name correct in the URL and that it matches what is in the folder.


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    Many Android devices do not support mp3 streaming. Early models did not support mp3 streaming at all, I think those that do are the newer devices.


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