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Thread: FMLE stream name extension and bitrate enhancing

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    Question FMLE stream name extension and bitrate enhancing

    Hello All,

    Recently I have taken over the streaming responsibilities for my company. I am using FMLE, Wowza, and JW Player to stream live underwater cameras. I have noticed that the stream name previously set on FMLE ends in ".if" (ex. mystream.if). Is there any reason why there would be an extension on the stream name? (tokenizing, compatibility with other software, metadata reference, etc) I am new to live streaming and learning as much as possible, but so far I haven't turned up anything on google searches or searching the Wowza forums.

    Also, I have been testing with a camera in the British Virgin Islands which gets around 2.5 Mbps upload (tested using with servers in NYC, California, and Denver). When I encode using FMLE the bitrate is throttled to ~500Kbps. Currently I am running Wowza on a PC running with a Core 2 duo, 8GB RAM, and a 50Mbps cable connection. I have a Dell PowerEdge R520 server arriving tomorrow with 2 Xeon E5-2407 (2.2GHz quad core) chips and 4GB RAM/chip and will be colocating it in a local datacenter with a 100Mbps connection. The datacenter has GigE connections and redundant OCs, but the plan I am getting is throttle to 100Mbps average. I will see if the bottleneck is on Wowza's end once I have the server up and running, but ideally I would like to be able to get a higher bitrate from FMLE to Wowza. I know that you can use the Transcoder add-on with certain NVIDIA cards or Xeon E3 processors to help Wowza, but is there any native functionality to enhance the outgoing bitrate or resolution?

    From the little mathematical background I have of image processing, images, I would assume also videos, are matrix based. Would it not be possible to interpolate between the values to produce a higher resolution image. While it would not strictly adhere to the original matrix, it would be a decent approximation and might produce a more visually appealing image.

    Again, I am new to this level of video software, but if a codec compresses images/videos, is there software to undo the compression and produce a higher quality image/video?

    Thank you for any answers/suggestion!

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    No name extension is needed for live RTMP streaming to Wowza. Throughout our documentation, "myStream" is our default stream name, which works in all RTMP publish circumstances.

    Regarding image quality, Wowza will not enhance a low bit rate into an improved image quality or resolution. The quality that is ingested by Wowza should, practically speaking, arrive as high as possible. The Transcoder AddOn is most effective when reducing the bit rate, respectively, and transcoding a larger stream into smaller streams. The inversion of this process is not possible.

    Your theory about interpolation and image improvement is very interesting. To my knowledge, it is not a concept currently under consideration.


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