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    Default Transcoder Profiles

    I',m going to use Amazon EC2 instance to do transcoding .

    1 incoming channel at 720x576 @ 1500kbps H264 Baseline: Main, 64kbps Audio AAC

    The amazon instance will be c1.medium

    When I enable the default transrate.xml sewtting

    The CPU usage will hover around 90% usage. Should I upgrade to higher instance ?

    if this is the case, I have 10 incoming channels that need to be transcode, so will I need 10 different instances for this ?

    For stream distribution, which one is better ?

    - CloudFront ?
    - EC2 Wowza Edges + AWS LoadBalancing ?
    - EC2 Wowza Edges + Wowza Dynamic Balancing ?

    Thank you

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    The transcoding process does use up lots of CPU resources.
    There is a very nice article on Transcoder Performance Benchmark and you can find the results when the transcoder was tested on AWS instances.
    Please take a look at that article to get an idea on the number of incoming streams you could transcode on one EC2 instance.

    Each incoming channel that gets transcoded will use up one transcoding instance, thus generating extra cost on your monthly Wowza invoice. Please take a look at the transcoder addon pricing page available here:

    When it comes to distributing the Wowza streams, it is very important to know what type of streaming you wish to deliver. For example, Cloudfront is only able to deliver HTTP based streaming protocols. RTMP or RTSP streams are not supported over Cloudfront.
    If you plan to deliver RTMP streams, a viable solution would also be to have several Wowza edge servers loadbalanced by the Wowza's Dynamic Loadbalancing Addon.


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