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    Default wowza for church service

    Hello, we are thinking of streaming a church service with wowza using the per day license....

    I see that if you use amazon ec2... you have to turn off your instance or you keep getting billed...

    1. Is there a way to "save" those instances so you can quickly just turn them on each week?
    2. Can someone suggest a camera with audio that would be good for streaming a church service?


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    Using EC2 with Wowza Media Server to support a weekly church webcast is an excellent, economical solution. It is possible to save a snapshot of your images in EC2, which is a process that we do not directly support. I would defer to Amazon EC2 support on this process.

    Another very useful option is to use a custom EC2 startup package. An EC2 startup package contains a set of instructions and configuration files that are uploaded in a *.zip format and applied to a new Wowza AMI at startup (they're easy to use once you get them established). In seconds, it allows you to deploy a fresh, custom EC2 server using our pre-built AMI's as a base image. For more information, see page 21 of the Wowza for EC2 User's Guide.

    As to a camera, that depends greatly on your budget and scope. A simple HD consumer camera, connected to a capture device and encoded using Wirecast is a great solution to get started. You can also use a video feed from a multi-camera audio and video production workflow. I would take a look at Church Production Magazine (not affiliated with Wowza) for tips and insight on the video production side.

    I hope you find this helpful.


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