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Thread: No Files are Generated when Transcoder Add-on Used for Webcam Recording Application

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    Default No Files are Generated when Transcoder Add-on Used for Webcam Recording Application

    Hello all,

    We are experiencing a strange problem with Transcoder Add-on. Although Transcoder Add-on works on our test server, we are experiencing problem with transcoder add-on on our prod server.

    Everything is identical: our application makes use of live-record for Transcoder add-on. On the test server, as soon as the application begins webcam recording, the mp4 file and the accompanying tmp file is created on the server, we can see that physically. However, on the prod server, no files are created at all!

    We noticed something strange, though. When we restart Wowza from Windows services on the prod server, when the service first goes down, the mp4 file is created! (1 KB though)

    What could be the cause of this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, are you using a custom built Flash application, or the example webcamrecording application that ships with Wowza?

    If you are using a custom Flash app, are you recording the stream via the Actionsript? As the example webcamrecording app does the recording via Actionscript, and needs a StreamType or "default" or "record". It does not record with a StreamType of "live-record". Where as the Wowza Transcoder AddOn requires a live stream to operate.

    If you omit the "record" part in your publish command, for example: nsPublish.publish ("myStream", "record"); and use a StreamType of "live-record" it should work.


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