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    I have plans to implement ABS using Wowza transcoder.

    But the problem is Some of the videos that i need to stream will be of low quality and some of high quality.

    My doubt is that, these low quality videos will became very poor quality if i implement Wowza Transcoder. How can i implement the ABS in this case ( quality of the videos will be different for various files)?

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    Hi there.

    VOD Transcoding is not supported at this time. A workaround for this could be to use a video file as the source of a live stream with Stream Class Stream and feed it to the Transcoder:
    How to do basic server-side publishing with Stream class streams

    Another option would be to use Expression Encoder 4 (or other), which can generate multiple versions at different bitrates that are properly key-frame aligned, suitable for muli-bitrate streaming.
    How to encode video on demand content


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    Actually i am not saying about VOD. I just said, sometimes i stream from high quality webcam and sometimes i use low quality.

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    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    You can send one high quality stream to the Transcoder and transrate that stream into a Multi-bitrate set for ABR.

    Or you can use this API to decide which streams get Transcoded, no need to transrate low quality streams:
    How to control which streams get transcoded using server-side API


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    You can also match template names with stream names, and remove the specific template name (i.e.transrate.xml, transcode.xml) from Application.xml file.
    if you only have a template named myStream.xml you will only transcode streams named myStream. if you also have a template named yourStream.xml, streams named "myStream" and "yourStream" will be transcoded using those templates, and other streams will not be transcoded.


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