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Thread: Restrict number of connections per site/subnet

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    Default Restrict number of connections per site/subnet

    Is it possible to restrict the number of connections per site/subnet. We are using Wowza to serve video on demand to other sites on our MPLS network many of which are on slow links. It would be beneficial for us to be able to restrict the number of connections per subnet on the Wowza server to help throttle the bandwidth used

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    I'm not quite clear if you want to have a hard limit (where viewers over the max wouldn't see the stream at all) or more of a load balancing scenario (where the viewers would be distributed to the appropriate instance with acceptable number of connections etc). In each case there would be a customized module in need to handle the location based restrictions. In the latter case, however, you might be able to utilize LVS in a weighted fashion such that "slower" links would be lower in weight thus provided fewer connections to respond to.

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