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Thread: vhost.getApplicationFolderNames() ?? Why do you support this API ?

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    Default vhost.getApplicationFolderNames() ?? Why do you support this API ?

    The why I write a post is to know the differences between "vhost.getApplicationNames();" and "vhost.getApplicationFolderNames();".

    I've read from UserGuide that "The application name is the same as the folder name", so I think the both are the same.

    I've found a difference, which is that the getApplicationFolderNames() can show all the application names the vhost can make, but the getApplicationNames() shows only the application which has the instances now.

    Am I right?

    Regards, Namhun
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    Yes, the getApplicationFolderNames function will return all folders associated but the getApplicationNames will return only active applications.

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