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Thread: Stream VOD in different format

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    Hello, I have a WebApp that stream a .flv video on demand via http streaming to desktop.
    Now we would like to stream this content to iphone and mobile device in mp4 via http streaming.
    Can wowza solve this problem and streams same file in 2 different formats? We will not have 2 files.
    Thank you very much


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    Luca, iOS devices need h.264 video and ACC or mp3 audio inside an .mp4 or other quicktime container format. You will not be able to stream .flv to iOS devices.

    You will need 2 files to achieve this, you can encode the .flv to .mp4 as per this guide:
    How to encode video on demand content

    For further details please see the Wowza Quick Start Guide:
    Quick Start Guide

    And the Video On Demand tutorial:
    How to set up video on demand streaming


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