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Thread: mp3 Livestream Problems with external Player

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    Question mp3 Livestream Problems with external Player


    we use WOWZA media server for video livestreaming and on demand video services and all is fine, but we want to broadcast a mp3 livestream now. It works great from Mayah hardware device to our server and with the jwplayer at the browser we can listen to it (html:
    ), but not at VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player etc. The only chance to listen with an external player is via rtsp, but not stable. The stream often buffers and interrupts.

    What could be the problem? Is it possible to get WOWZA streaming the signal via http? Which file weve to configure?

    Our Version: wowza perpetual edition 3.5.2.

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    Have you tested playback with the RTMP player example that ships with Wowza? [install-dir]examples/LiveVideoStreaming/RTMPPlayer/player.html.

    It is my understanding that Windows Media Player and WinAmp are not supported playback clients.


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    Thanks for your answer. Ive no problem with the playback within the browser (flashplayer / html). My problem is, that no playback at external players is possible - as I am used to work with ShoutCast. I cannot believe, that a wowza audio stream does not work within winamp, wmp or VLC. Even the video livestream works normal at VLC.

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    VLC will work with Wowza using RTSP, HLS and RTMP, and possible HDS. Winamp and Windows Media Player are not supported. I have had limited success with HLS in Windows Media Player, but it was not consistent. You might try RTSP streaming to Winamp, and of course these players are always under development, but it has not been known to work, and we therefore have no guides.

    If you cannot stream from outside the network, you may have to deal with firewall ports, and/or port mapping in your network, e.g. port forwarding in a router


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