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Thread: Using Wowza Media Server 3 AWS with JVC GY HM650 camera built-in encoders UDP TCP

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    Default Using Wowza Media Server 3 AWS with JVC GY HM650 camera built-in encoders UDP TCP

    I'm looking to use a JVC GY-HM650 camera which has built-in live streaming encoder. The GY-HM650 streaming encoder creates push-type UDP or TCP streams and it is a standard H.264 video packed into MPEG-TS.
    The camera Stream is pushed from the camera to specified IP address of a decoder. Can i Use a Wowza media server on AWS and create a stack where i can send my TCP or UDP stream and redistribute it on the web with a player or inside a service like ustream or youtube Live?
    I tried to start a stack with the instructions here: but i don't know how to set up the camera to send stream to the server, I can only put an ip/url and a port from the camcoder, i can't change for example the stream name.

    camera type JVC HM650E ( )


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    It sounds like this camera is capable of publishing an mpeg-ts stream that Wowza would be able to re-stream. The ip/url and port you would enter would be the IP of the Wowza server and a port such as 10000. Follow this guide to publish and play from mpeg-ts encoder.

    Also, Wowza has pre-built EC2 AMIs here, and Wowza/EC2 guides.

    For ustream and utube integration, you will want to look at the Wowza Push Publish Addon

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