What I am trying to do is pull into Wowza live streams going into Red5 server (or FMS).
I have a FMLE streaming into Red5 server (Mac - running on port 1939) and if I run old Flash player I can see my live stream. I also have a Wowza server running on port 1935 and if I stream to it I also see my live stream.

Now I am using this guide to try and pull Red5 stream into Wowza

It seems to work but except I see Wowza is not seeing URL in rtmp.stream I setup (Full error is LiveMediaStreamReceiver.onnect : Failure no URL: RTMP)
i see above in terminal console but the Streammanager web page just said success but what seems to happen is the stream is created on Wowza but no data is coming in (kind of a pending live stream).

I redone this a few times to make sure I did not miss something? I put the ramp.stream text file in the .\content folder - the current Url with is
Any ideas?