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Thread: Pentium G850 Dualcore only as Edge-Server?

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    Default Pentium G850 Dualcore only as Edge-Server?

    Hi @all,
    is it possible to run Wowza on a Pentium G850 Dualcore with 8GB RAM as Edge-only Server (no Transcoder etc.) or must the Edge also have a Quadcore Processor?

    We have different offers for Servers with 10Gbps Network-Interface, the G850 based Servers are one of the Options for us. We plan with a User-Limit of 3000-4000 for one of these Servers.

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    It is possible to run Wowza on that machine as an edge but as far as capacity is concerned (in terms of load) you'll definitely want to run a load test to get an idea of its limits.

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