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    Default temporary license

    i don't want this to sound like I am after a method of doing the wrong thing here. I am just curious
    The temporary license in EC2 instances... how long do they last? I don't understand why there is a temp one at all.
    Also, when I input my own license ( currently on 30 day trial), the licence is much smaller in length than the one it replaces, is this normal?
    As I am just so new to this, I appreciate the fact I can do some testing for free, just wondering if I really need to enter my own trial license at all, since it seemed to work without it.

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    Hi Mark,

    The default license in EC2 is limited and similar in function to our Developer License. I don't know how long it will or will not last, but it certainly is not recommended for any sort of production use. If you need a test license, feel free to request a developer license. We are happy to help you learn and expand your utilization of Wowza Media Server.

    As to your trial license, some of our license keys do contain extra embedded data - this is completely normal. Please be sure to include the entire block of text with any license keys that you install in your Wowza servers. If you require help with this, please create a support ticket by sending an email to

    As you get started, be sure to use these resources as a guide:

    - Wowza for EC2 User's Guide
    - Wowza Quick Start Guide
    - How to set up video on demand streaming
    - How to set up live streaming using an RTMP-based encoder

    Also, if you are looking for an economical streaming solution in EC2, take a look at our Devpay license model. Devpay is billed completely through AWS and is billed incrementally, like a standard AMI, with a slightly higher metered cost per minute and a flat $5/month (total) for the service. For more information, see our Pre Built's AMI's Page.



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    Thanks, this makes sense. The Devpay looks good, though eventually i want to learn DRM

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