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Thread: the statistical wowza

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    Post the statistical wowza

    how can have the statistical wowza for live streaming and
    how to limit the number of spectators for a live vedio

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    Also, if you are only using one application, the simplest way to limit the connections is in [install-dir]/conf/VHosts.xml/<ConnectionLimit>

    This affects the VHost, so it will only work if there is a single application running on the VHost.


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    I followed the steps in this tutorial:

    and I put the changes to the file Application.xml

    <name> ModuleLimitStreamViewers </ name>
    Limit <description> connects to an application </ description>
    <Class> Com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleLimit ConnectionsToApplication </ Class>
    </ Module>

    </ Modules>
    <- Properties defined here will be added to IApplication.getProperties () and () IApplicationInstance.getProperties collections ->
    <name> test </ name>
    <value> 2 </ Value>
    <type> Integer </ Type>
    </ Properties>
    <name> AllowEncoder </ name>
    <value> FM </ value> <! - FM Wirecast ->
    </ Property>

    I want to make the number of viewers is 2, I tested it, but its not working is there a something added to the Application.xml file?

    help me

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    Did you compile the module in Eclipse or download the modules collection?

    Make sure to save the changes to the Application.xml file and re-start Wowza for the new settings to take effect.


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