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Thread: 200 responses for missing SMIL files

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    Default 200 responses for missing SMIL files

    I originally posted this over in the EC2 forum as an addendum to an old thread, but realized belatedly that was not a good idea.

    Occasionally our .smil file just isn't created quite yet when the player tries to load, and for a number of reasons, we can't just disable the player before the .smil file exists.
    In our case, the request to the .smil file returns the empty manifest with an HTTP 200 Response, but we want it to 404, not respond with an empty manifest.

    Here is a link to a smil file that doesn't exist on the server:

    I renamed it to .smil.bak, so the following link works

    Both return HTTP 200 responses. Hoping for an HTTPStreamer property or something like:




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    I could settle for



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