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Thread: Is GoCoder paid now?

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    Default Is GoCoder paid now?

    Hi there ... I've used GoCoder before, for demoing some streaming features
    I bought a new IPAD and when tried to download it, I found it's a paid app now.
    I'm trying to get it with my previous account when it was free ...

    so, question: ... it's not and won't be free anymore?

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    Correct, it is not free.

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    Wowza GoCoder App is free of cost now.

    We offer a GoCoder Private label program, which allows customers to deploy their branded version of the GoCoder App. This includes both iOS & Android App. This is a paid offering.

    We now offer GoCoder SDK as well. The SDK simplifies mobile app development for iOS and Android by offering a common, cross-platform API to capture and stream live video and audio with broad support for the ever growing spectrum of connected, handheld devices. The SDK includes iOS and Android sample apps and full API reference documentation. The GoCoder SDK is a paid offering as well.

    For more information, contact

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