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Thread: Which IAM CPU type to use for using transcoder?

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    Default Which IAM CPU type to use for using transcoder?

    I have done my first test with transcoder and the transcoded streams are choppy at 240p and 160p. However, the passthrough which is higher bitrate and 360P is fine.
    Does this suggest I need a faster IAM? I am only testing on m1.small

    Also,,, why does my playback default to the 240P stream when my 360P (passthru) is higher in the smil file. This does not have to do with my connection speed. Maybe the trial is set to default to the watermarked streams?

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    Answering my own question. I relaunched with a C3.x2Large with heaps more CPu and it works beautifully.
    So yes, you need specific CPU requirements ( makes sense) , I just wish there was some note in the Transcoder user guide to make it clear before I wasted my day

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    Thanks for the update on this and I'm glad you have this working.
    We have a transcoder benchmark which you may find useful.


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