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Thread: generate smil does not work

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    Default generate smil does not work

    I followed these instructions , for example I did this where my IP is there ( at time of writing) and the streamname is livestream

    I get nothing but empty smil contents below


    I create my own smil and it works but prefer to save the time

    <video src="livestream_source" height="360" system-bitrate="1000000"/>
    <video src="livestream_360p" height="360" system-bitrate="850000"/>
    <video src="livestream_240p" height="240" system-bitrate="350000"/>
    <video src="livestream_160p" height="160" system-bitrate="200000"/>
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    Hi there.
    The article you are referencing for generating SMIL files with streams created by Wowza Transcoder is designed to be used with origin/edge configurations. Since ngrp do not get forwarded to the edge. The idea is that with this tool you can create a SMIL from using the medialist tool on the origin and create a file that you host in the content folder on the edge.

    It will not will work otherwise.


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    Thank you Salvadore. that explains it, strange why there is no mention of that in the article. I am not using an edge so I have to build it myself then.

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    Glad I could help.


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