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Thread: Multiple recordings of same stream using LiveStreamRecordModule

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    Default Multiple recordings of same stream using LiveStreamRecordModule

    Using Recording Live Streams Programatically thread, i achieved recording of stream. It is mentioned here that multiple simultaneous recording of same stream is not possible.

    I have two different users who may want to record the same stream simultaneously. Each client calls the Wowza module for live stream record to start or stop the recording using actionscript. What happens that if a recording by user 1 is in progress and user 2 also issues a start recording request, recording for user 1 is stopped and user 2 started.

    I want that recording for user 2 should be start with a different name (appending user name e.g) alongwith user 1 recording in progress.

    If this is not possible, how do i notify the user 2 that recording is already in progress?

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    You won't be able to start two recordings for the same stream using the We UI or the Live Stream Record HTTP requests.
    You will have to create a custom Wowza module and manage the recordings through this module, as well as the file naming convention so that the simultaneous recording don't overwrite each other.
    Please take a look at the Wowza API which is able to handle the recording programatically: How to start and stop live stream recordings programmatically (IMediaStreamActionNotify3)


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