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Thread: Server IP from module

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    Default Server IP from module

    How do we get the current Wowza IP(Server IP?) from the module?
    and an other thing how do i unload a application completly on OnAppStart?

    im using this code but it stops and starts again instantly

    	  		String appName = this.appInstance.getApplication().getName();
    			IVHost vhost = this.appInstance.getVHost();
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    I don't think there is a way in Wowza to get the server's IP address. Wowza binds to all IP addresses unless you specify otherwise in a VHost.xml /HostPort /IpAddress, which is set to "*" by default.

    If you touch the application in anyway it will load.


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    Somewhat related,

    for Akamai's Analytics - i'd like each wowza to be able to output something like this for HTTP request:

    This way we could get wowza servers to respond to Akamais analytics in same manner as Akamai's edges. I tried finding proper solution from forums for this but no avail. Any idea which would be the best way to do this?

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