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Thread: JNI:AudioDecoderAAC.decodeFrame : Timecode queue

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    Default JNI:AudioDecoderAAC.decodeFrame : Timecode queue

    I am live streaming to Wowza server. I have a H.264/AAC encoder. I am getting messages similar to the one below.

    JNI:AudioDecoderAAC.decodeFrame[_defaultVHost_:live/_definst_/jhwa]: Timecode queue: 102

    I would like to understand what it means. I suspect there is a problem with my AAC encoder. I would like to understand what it is that Media Server does not like in my AAC frames. I am not switching encoders on the fly as was the case in some posts in the past. I also see that audio and video get out-of-sync after few minutes. Can it be related to this message?

    Thank you very much,

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    Are you getting any other accompanying error messages in the logs?

    You can follow this guide to create a recording of the stream for debug purposes and send to
    How to record an incoming MPEG-TS or RTP stream for debugging purposes


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    As a followup this was resolved by moving the last patch for 3.6.4, patch2.


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