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Thread: Memory increase over time

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    Default Memory increase over time

    I'm running 6 Wowza servers those which relay RTSP streams to a CDN Wowza servers.
    Each server hosts 300 RTSP streams and the heap memory is set to 8G out of 16G RAM.
    While running the servers I found the memory being increased continuously and finally
    crashed after using up all available heap memory.
    A guy of the CDN company told me that it's natural and he rebooted servers on a requalar
    basis. However in my case rebooting servers is not an acceptable option and I want to
    resolve it by tuning the configuration.

    The configuration and logs will be sent via email after this post and some info follows
    as below:

    Wowza server veresion: 3.6.4
    Application: live
    Media source: custom encoder providing RTSP streams

    Please take a look logs and configuration and provide me a guide to avoid this issue.

    S.Y. Kwon

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    Please ensure that you have enabled the GC settings in the [Wowza-Install]/bin/setenv(.sh/.bat) file
    You should also check that you have configured the [Wowza-Install]/conf/VHost.xml to ensure that the server is tuned to use the hardware you have available.

    Please see the Tuning Guide for further information.


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