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Thread: How to stream a mp3 file

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    Default How to stream a mp3 file

    I have a page:

    <!doctype html><html><body>
    <video src='' controls></video>
    <video src='' controls></video>
    The hardcoded link works. Wowza doesn't. How do I fix?
    (I checked on the example page, and the file exists and streams from the example-player.)

    Am running Wowza 3.6.3.
    I would update to version 4, but could not figure out where to do that [where is a form I fill out to request the upgrade? Does the upgrade cost?], and I don't mind using the older version.
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    I reread the page about Streaming Engine v4, and have figured out how to upgrade (I think).
    I've started the process (filled out the form), and will hopefully be able to upgrade to version 4 soon.

    If that makes a difference, please note it in the answer.

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    I believe the <video> tag is limited to iOS X+ and Mac/Safari. If you are trying to play back with iOS you will need to add /playlist.m3u8 to the stream URL
    <video src='' controls></video>
    You can test playback with the example RTMP player that ships with Wowza: [install-dir]/examples/VideoOnDemandStreaming/RTMPPlayer/player.html. you will need to include a prefix and suffix to the stream name in all cases.

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    In regards to your upgrade inquires:
    1: Yes the upgrade is free
    2: Version 3 subscription (or perpetual) licenses will not work with version 4

    Please see these articles for more information:
    Wowza Streaming Engine
    Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0 Upgrade Guide


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    I am sorry, I had to edit my first response. I said you needed to include a suffix in the stream name with the RTMP player. I meant to say you need to include the extension .mp3, you do not need to include /playlist.m3u8 to the stream name in the RTMP player.

    You do however need to include the prefix, mp3: and extension .mp3. For iOS you need to include the suffix /playlist.m3u8. Sorry for any confusion.


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    Salvadore, thank you for your response, but you have so confused me.

    I have included the player twice with the prefix mp3: and extension .mp3 (as you can see in the original post). One of those inclusions has the /playlist.m3u8 suffix. Neither works.

    In addition, the mp3 was tested (and streams) with the example RTMP player that ships with Wowza, as mentioned in the opening post.

    Please check it out:

    What can I do so that the mp3 plays in the video tag?
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    Yes, I am sorry for the confusion.

    I tested your URL.
    In Firefox as expected only the 3rd player from the left works.
    Testing in Safari on Mac the 1st and 3rd players work.

    HTML 5 <video> tags are supported on iOS with Safari browser, it does not work on other browsers.


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    Ah, now I understand.
    That would apply then to video as well.

    So, just to be sure (I have been trying to read up for clarity) - Wowza is unable to provide content through any method except RTMP and HLS.
    This means that Wowza cannot provide video or audio in any way that can be played on a Android device.
    It also means that users with port 1935 closed are completely out of luck.

    For live streams and for DRM, we need to use Wowza/RTMP, and Firefox must fallback to using Flash (Flow, Video.js, JW, etc).

    Most content is previously saved though, and it is important not to alienate Android users.
    For that content, is there any advantage to using Wowza, or should I configure a web server to serve the video over HTTP?
    Is there some reason that Wowza cannot provide the basic seek functions that webservers have [and be a "complete" solution]?
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    *bump* ?

    Also, I see that I am not correct - on the home page of the encoder it says:

    • ..high-quality video and audio to any device anywhere.
    • Reach any device with high-quality live and on-demand streaming video and audio
    • Trust your streaming to work,

    On The Features page, you add:
    • Live H.264 Everywhere: Save time and money by using a single source file or HD stream to simultaneously deliver live video and audio streams to any player, any device, over any protocol, without creating individual assets for each variation.
    • Support for the Latest Standards
    • StreamLock™ SSL certification for RTMPS and HTTPS streams,
    So, please tell me how to stream this file to my Android device or my non-Flash enabled Firefox Browser?

    Also, could you kindly answer my other questions
    • Are there any advantage of using RTMP vs. using HTTP from a regular webserver for non DRM'd archived content?
    • How do I arrange all devices from the Wowza, so that it can be an all-in-one solution?

    Lastly, and off topic, I would like to suggest you check out something called Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
    It is used by organizations worldwide for maintaining informal real-time communities, so that people can help each other - even if they are not staff on Wowza. This allows you to offer help quicker, and cheaper, than by forums.
    It also creates brand unity, as people volunteer to help and feel part of the Wowza experience.
    (This thread is unresolved and is already more than a day old. It could have been dealt with in under five minutes on IRC.
    You can find out more about IRC all over the internet, but we set up a IRC server in a lot less time than it took to install our instance of Wowza, and it scales better. Or you can use Freenode, they will even manage your hosting!

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    Wowza can provide content via RTSP as well and the common port for RTSP is 554, but it will also work over 1935. You could add this port in your VHost.xml, so change




    Wowza can stream over RTMP, HLS (4 variations) and RTSP however when it comes to Android for RTSP specifically it will not playback MP3 it needs to be AAC. In this case it is more than likely down to device support.

    The link for streaming rtsp would be


    or if you have added the port to VHost.xml and restarted Wowza


    If you use VLC to try these it should work for you, however as mentioned MP3 streaming does not work with Android.

    Thank you for your IRC idea as we do take all feedback seriously.


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