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Thread: Re-streaming a dynamic RTSP stream based on a query string

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    Default Re-streaming a dynamic RTSP stream based on a query string


    I want to re-stream a dynamic RTSP stream which I get from a third party service, based on a username, password and some other parameters.
    I call VLC like this:

    The file does not exist at this point.

    On Wowza I defined the following Module:

    public class LiveModule extends ModuleBase {
    	public void onRTPSessionCreate(RTPSession rtpSession) {
    		String queryString = rtpSession.getQueryStr();
    		// call 3rd party service with the params from queryString
    		// get a rtsp stream like this from the 3rd party service:
    		// rtsp://
    		// based on the above rtsp stream, create the file on disk, containing the above rtsp stream
    		appInstance.startMediaCasterStream(, "rtp");
    In other words, I want to create the file on-the-fly, then watch its dynamically generated content in VLC. But it just doesn't work. I get the error "Your input can't be opened:
    VLC is unable to open the MRL" in VLC. The file gets created properly with the proper rtsp url from the 3rd party.

    Exactly the same on-the-fly stream file creation approach works great for HLS streaming and I can watch the stream on iOS. I have defined the following in the same module:

    public class LiveModule extends ModuleBase {
    	public void onHTTPSessionCreate(IHTTPStreamerSession httpSession) {
    		String queryString = httpSession.getQueryStr();
    		// same code as above
    I hope you get the idea of what I need to achieve. I'm not sure whether my approach is the proper one or I should change to another one.

    Thank you in advance for any advice.


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    Take a look at this API for for aliasing stream names:
    How to use the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface


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